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Distinguished and Famous people from Mount Marshall

1. Sir Charles Court

Sir Charles Court (27 September 1911 – 22 December 2007) was a significant political figure in Western Australia. He was born in Mount Lawley, which is situated within the boundaries of Mount Marshall Shire. Sir Charles Court served as the 21st Premier of Western Australia from 1974 to 1982. He was a prominent member of the Liberal Party and played an instrumental role in the state's development.

2. Kim Hughes

Kim Hughes (born 26 January 1954) is a former Australian cricketer who captained the Australian national team. He hails from Mount Marshall region as his birthplace. Kim Hughes is remembered for his stylish batting and leadership skills during the 1980s. He played 70 Test matches for Australia and captained the team in 28 of them from 1979 to 1984.

3. Vic Parkes

Vic Parkes was a renowned Australian rules footballer who was born in Bencubbin, located in Mount Marshall Shire. He had an exceptional career in the West Australian Football League (WAFL) playing for the Swan Districts Football Club. Vic Parkes was known for his technical skills and versatility, being able to play in various positions. He represented Western Australia in state football numerous times during the 1960s.

4. Nancy Broad

Nancy Broad is an esteemed Australian artist born in Bencubbin, within the Mount Marshall region. She is recognized for her landscape paintings, particularly focusing on the wheatbelt area of Western Australia. Nancy Broad's work showcases the unique rural beauty and the vastness of this region. Her pieces have been exhibited in various galleries across Australia.

5. Bert Pepper

Bert Pepper was an important figure in the mining industry and a prominent philanthropist. Although he was not born in the Mount Marshall region, Bert Pepper made a significant impact on the area's mining sector. He was involved in the development of several successful mining projects situated near Mount Marshall. Furthermore, Bert Pepper contributed to local communities through his generous donations and support for various charitable causes.

6. Reg Appleyard

Reg Appleyard is a notable Australian agricultural scientist born in the Mount Marshall region. He specialized in research related to the cultivation of cereal crops, particularly wheat. Reg Appleyard made significant contributions towards increasing crop productivity and developing disease-resistant crop varieties. His research and innovations have positively influenced the agricultural practices in Western Australia.

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